JWM Electronic Passive Round Cam Lock with Electric Smart Key

JWM Electronic Passive Round Cam Lock with Electric Smart Key

JWM Electronic Passive Round Cam Lock with Electric Smart Key

The lock body is made of stainless steel, the surface treatment is stainless steel natural color brushed. IP67waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, ash-proof, and moisture-proof. You caninstall it indoors or outdoors at will, even if it is rainy and windy, thefunction will not be affected in any way, you can also lock and unlock itflexibly and smoothly. Different from traditional locks, ourpassive cabinet locks use built-in smart passive electronic lock cores poweredby smart keys.

That is to say, the lock itself has no power supply support. Thekey is the core of power. When the key is used to unlock, the key will releasethe power to connect to the lock to realize the unlocking function.

Passive cabinet locks adopt strict digitalencryption and wireless communication technology, only pass thebi-verification, the key can unlock lock successfully. The lock has the samedimension as traditional lock, so it is easy and convenient to install. Widelyused in offices, filing cabinets, toolboxes, bank lockers, showcases, powerboxes, etc. Where absolute safety is required. Every function is to maintain the safety ofthe use scene to the greatest extent.

Multiple protection of overvoltage andovercurrent, AES128 encryption, contact Bi-verification, a record of switchlock, blacklist, and realize one key to open multiple locks and unifiedmanagement of the time limit and authority of maintenance personnel. We provide the system software to set theauthority to unlock the corresponding door lock uniformly, and use it withinthe effective time of the authority. The unlock lock record is clear at aglance, scheduling, tracking, monitoring whom, when, and where to unlock thelock. Responsibility traced to the individual. Provide more efficient andscientific management for you and your work.

Door Type: Steel door, Stainless Steeldoor, Aluminum door. 01 Easy to Replace Mechanical Lock. You don't need to change your door or anydevices. The size of passive locks is the same as that of the mechanical lockon the market.

02 No Power, No Wiring Be Fearless of HarshEnvironment. All smart electronic locks have no power, and you don't need to wiring and maintain them anymore. So, they could be usedin the harsh environments.

03 Four Models of Smart Electronic Keys. The smart electronic key is the applicationcore of the whole smart lock system, with unique 64-bit ID identification code, AES128 encryption mode, contact two-way verification, more security, and reliability. Built-in battery of the electronic key, whichcan power and operate the lock, and voice prompt various working status. Every electronic key has differentfunctions, Blue-tooth/ Fingerprint, meet your different demands. 04 Customize the Software as Your Needs.

This Smart Lock System could be embeddedinto your existing management systems. You don't need to use many managementssoftware.

05 Customize the Name/ Title/ Logo of thesystem. You could change to your own the Logo/title/ footer/ name. 06 Easy Management Lock and Key. Four Lock's status, four key's status. Youcould modify them when the status change.

Clearly be shown in the list. Be widely used in machinery, equipment, toolboxes, escape doors, shopping malls, shops, offices, warehouses, banks, pipelines, petrochemicals, oil, transport vehicles, prisons, and highlyconfidential place. This item is in the category "Business & Industrial\Facility Maintenance & Safety\Access Control Equipment\Locks\Other Locks".

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JWM Electronic Passive Round Cam Lock with Electric Smart Key